A Revolution, Televised.

More than four decades after the 1979 Revolution, we showcase the work of filmmakers who captured the atmosphere of the time. ‘A Revolution, Televised’ is a collection of documentaries by Iranian, European, and Arab filmmakers whose works explore the nexus between the personal and the political, to question the boundaries between perception and reality, and show how cinema itself became part of the broader socio-political fabric of society.

In this collection, Docunight proudly presents the films of distinguished Iranian and international directors, filming and crowd-documenting the turbulent weeks and months of the revolution, depicting its social and cultural impact, and tracing its national and international legacy throughout the years.

To provide our audience with the best viewing experience possible, Docunight has worked on improving the quality of some of these important films which will be screened in their enhanced format for the first time at ‘A Revolution, Televised’.


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