Cultures of Resistance: a fire alarm and a wifi shut down

The Cultures of Resistance screening on Friday got off to an exciting start with the evacuation of the Hive. We made it back in 20 mins later, amid jokes about the CIA infiltrating the library to stop this threat to global capitalism. Cultures of Resistance looks at the ways in which indigenous people, artists, activists and ordinary folk around the world have responded to the effects of global capital, military action and environmental threats in their own lives. It is a moving and inspiring film, which paints a picture of a world full of people united by similar experiences and threats. It reminds us that all our actions are linked and even the smallest action is a meaningful part of a global struggle. This affirming message could offer hope and strength to all who see it.

After the film we were 20 minutes late to start our web-chat with the director Iara Lee who was waiting for us in Sofia.  By the time we got the Skype call going she was outside a cafe in the cold. The connection was poor and the cafe owners wanted to turn off the internet. We managed a short chat over text messenger, but ultimately had to admit defeat. Iara has suggested that anyone who wants to continue the conversation can do so on facebook messenger: 

The whole audience united in  inviting Iara for a future visit to Worcester.

Apparently the fire alarm was caused by someone spraying an aerosol at a smoke detector…

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