Review of Liberty Tree

This review of The Liberty Tree was sent to the director Chris Jury after the screening on Friday.
Hi Chris, I’ve just returned from attending the screening of Liberty Tree at the Hive in Worcester.
I was able to tell you that I thought your film was brilliant. But I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your film in more detail. It is so full of energy and passion and, most importantly, heart. Your script covers many of the deep-seated problems of society, but also shows the real challenges that people face. I was particularly impressed by your coverage of, not just the structural hierarchy that causes physically and material oppression, but the psychological manipulation that is also a means of control.
I loved the subtle references to modern day Neo-liberalist exploitation techniques and to great activists and inspiring situations from past struggles.
I was also thrilled by the sheer energy of your cast and explosive musical performances that lifted the spirits of the audience, and I’m sure will have a positive, inspiring effect on young people who watch the film or a live stage production.
There’s a lot more that I would like to say and discuss, but…thank you for creating a brilliant agit-prop film. It was a highly memorable experience. A wonderful piece of work.
Les Davies Pharos Productions

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